“For me, there is only travelling on paths that have heart;
on any path that may have heart”


“ja, metr sześćdziesiąt dwa
dziko rosnącego nieba”

Maria Awaria

I am interested in bridges between spirituality, sociology, arts, dance and life. Mostly I’m interested in life. I am fascinated by the complex synergies of the world and how they all function without much effort.

Currently on my heartmind:
spirituality, somatic meditation, vajrayana, protectors.
dance. space. bodhicitta.
Life Force. lineage.
movement. music. art. ontology.
tacit knowing. experiential knowing. perception. communication. learning.
rhizomes. sympoesis and entanglements.
trauma and how the body remembers – even if we don’t.
chaos. and the great turning.

Everything is connected. Everything works on the same principle. Everything is multiple. Everything is complex. Everything is absolutely wonderful and terrifying at the same time. Let’s be recklessly in love in all that. All. The. Time.


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