trails to nowhere

“I make music for those who are here and now,
and not as a form of escapism.”


my late night tales

It started with a need to communicate and connect from heart to heart across two oceans. It became a way for expressing, processing and transforming the experience of the worlds I feel in me and around me. Working with the basic vibration, if you wish.

My late night tales are a kind of musical storytelling, connecting music, rhythm, and sounds with dharma, poetry, stories – and pretty much anything that falls in my lap and moves my heart. At some point I realized it to be my personal way of working with space and relating to it.

Because it works beyond words; on a somatic level I can’t really explain, but which I connect to as a language that allows me to be in space, communicate with it and soothe my longing for it.

When I mix, my heart is so full and empty at the same time. It just flows. Through every cell of my body. At some point, I’m gone. The only thing left is sound. No more words.

I don’t really choose what I mix. It comes on its own. I only weave it together; it’s not something that belongs to me. The space is in all of us. It’s what connects us.

I’ve discovered that other people relate to this feeling as well. So feel free to walk with me. Listen with me. Dance with me. Cry with me. There is space for that.

Enough words…

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