I’m glad you came.

feel free to take off your shoes and sit down.
we can talk, but we can also just watch
the growing grass sprouts in silence,
enjoying the evening air. whatever you want.
come on. we have time.

this is an invitation.

» Take me to the places on the earth that teach you how to dance, the places where you can risk letting the world break your heart. And I will take you to the places where the earth beneath my feet and the stars overhead make my heart whole again and again «




Nic nie zmieniać / Without changing anything

Nic nie zmieniać. Być. Być z tym bólem. Z tym sercem zamkniętym. Z sercem otwartym. Z deszczem, wichurą, strachem przed tym, co czai się w ciemnościach. Nic nie zmieniać. Być. Żyć. To jest twoje życie! Z otwartymi ustami zadziwienia, w oniemieniu każdym momentem… Nic nie zmieniać. Oddychać. Każdą komórką ciała. Ich słuchać. One wiedzą. I…

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crocodile’s shit or crocodile’s tears

every morning: get upquickly get some coffeeto not feel like shitthat stuck to the bodhisattva’s shoefor a moment you silly thingsure, get some coffeeand rememberyou can’t taste it with thinking to be meaningless shitthat eats when it eatssleeps when it sleepsand shits when it shitswhat a fucking relief!

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as it is

to find home in the here and nowwithout the need to unpack the suitcaseto be in loveon every busy street and crowded stationin every helloalways knowing thatautumn comes, the birds will leave againhow do I get there?I remember too many thingscup always overflowing rivers of people substitutes for just sitting and breathing in the steady…

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Dialog zaczyna / Dialogue begins

collaboration with WEG DES KINDES


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